Entry #2


2010-01-14 15:56:23 by ChrizX

Again And Again Im here
Stuck in this place in fear
Thinking id never get away
what the hell am i to say
As everythings just going on
But i Swear one of these days ill be gone
Doing what i love
And leaving the ones that Shoved
But Still im here
Pretty Much alone
And still in fear
That maybe i'd actually be blown
Off the face of the earth
Prone to old birth
Dealing with the same problems for the rest of my life
Being backstabbed with that very same knife
Home alone 24 hours shown
Pass and Go
Stop and Show
Because Any Man who waste an hour of his time has not found the true value of life
But thats not me
Im getting out
Without a doubt ill be gone


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2010-01-14 17:03:37

Today is the greatest
Day I've never known,
Can't wait for tomorrow.
I might not have that long.
I'll tear my heart out,
Before I get out.


2010-02-04 16:00:49

Happiness is everywhere
My life is fine and dandy
I'm not wearing underwear
and it's raining chocolate candy